Friday, March 24, 2017

About Us

Unity Live Radio is a division of Unity Community & Sports Association and is based in Reading England.The objects of the radio station are to develop a grass roots radio station that services the local community with music and programmes that reflect the lives and experiences of our audience. We play music that is broad based and confined within the Music of Black origin Tag.

The majority of music that we play will not be found on most commercial radio stations but will be familiar to lovers of good music throughout generations, on unity Live radio you will hear Reggae, Gospel, African, Jazz Blues, hip hop, rap, rare grooves, grime, Drum and Bass and so on, with our whole playlist we intend to buck the trend of commercial radio and give the people the music they want to hear.

Unity Live Radio focuses on the whole community and provides music and programming for all communities and all ages. We play revives, and old school tunes as well as contemporary beats. What makes us unique is that, unlike the majority of internet based radio stations is that whilst we have a lot of interactivity on the website we will utilise live DJ’s hence UNITY LIVE RADIO. Our DJ’s and presenters come from the reading community and thus will contribute to the “locally owned” nature of the station. Of course the beauty of the Internet is that Unity Live radio will have both a national presence and a worldwide one.

At Unity Live Radio we intend to do as our name says and promote peace and unity amongst our community. We want young people especially to be involved in running and developing the station and we want to promote positivity in our music and programmes. We do not intend to use the “N” word or promote any foul language or discriminatory suggestions but rather aim to promote friendship collaboration and oneness across the community. Keep tuning in and support our work In the near future we intend to take our station across the airwaves as well as have an internet presence.

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